Tool downloads

Download these interactive, editable tools to help you begin drafting your project artifacts. Each tool includes a description, detailed instructions and helpful hints to help you get started. These editable resources are provided as a starting point to be leveraged and modified as needed to suit your needs.

Track project risks, actions, issues and decisions

The RAID Log is a single spreadsheet with separate tabs to address the four groups of information related to risks, action items, issues and decisions (RAID). This is a common tool for managing the day-to-day activities of a project.

Risks, Actions, Issues, Decisions (RAID) Log Template

Develop a meeting agenda

A meeting agenda is a list of meeting objectives, participants and items that the participants wish to accomplish during the meeting. This template will assist in organizing topics for a productive discussion.

Meeting Agenda Template

Record project meeting notes

Meeting notes help with communication across the project. This template identifies helpful hints and guidance for keeping record of important discussions and action items.

Meeting Notes Template

Monitor and report on project status

The project status report is a critical part of effective project communications to update the project team, sponsors and key partners. This report is used to monitor and control project progress, or serve as a snapshot of where the project stands.

Project Status Report Template

Request a change to the project parameters

This form is for documenting any proposed changes to the scope, timeline or budget for a project, including the reasons and impacts if the changes are approved or denied.

Project Change Request Form