Tool downloads

Download these interactive, editable tools to help you begin drafting your project artifacts. Each tool includes a description, detailed instructions and helpful hints to help you get started. These editable resources are provided as a starting point to be leveraged and modified as needed to suit your needs.

Analyze partners

Partner analysis constitutes a critical element in aligning key partner expectations with the project’s purpose and establishing a common understanding of the project outcomes. The workbook should be used to identify key partners and their relationship to the project.

Partner Analysis Workbook

Define project parameters and outputs to authorize project kickoff

A well-written charter establishes a clear, compelling and shared vision for a new project. This template helps to define project parameters and output and authorize project kickoff.

Project Charter Template

Clarify responsibilities to accomplish project activities

A RASCI chart organizes a project team across specific project responsibilities and deliverables. The template should be used to clarify and assign responsibilities to accomplish project activities and achieve deliverables.