Our Vision

Every country has the capacity to access, use and share timely information to protect and improve the health of its people.

Our Mission

Advance health outcomes worldwide by guiding public health organizations to effectively access, use and share information through the application of current and innovative information technologies.

For three decades, the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII) has led the charge in establishing informatics as a recognized discipline critical to the field of public health. Data and information are in every part of public health. We know that without informatics, health practitioners will lack the efficient, timely and accurate streams of data and information they need to protect and secure our communities’ health. As a small organization, we remain nimble in our operations to react to large and small health challenges with innovative solutions—from developing educational resources to responding to emergent pandemics.

We Are ...

informatics thought leaders who engineer best practices on the vanguard of this rapidly evolving field.

data-driven problem solvers who pioneer innovative solutions that support the health of populations.

process improvers who collaborate with health practitioners to identify process gaps and establish efficient practices.

information system architects who design systems that streamline data based on the user’s work and needs.

translators who use our expertise to interpret data before transforming it into usable and actionable information.

capacity builders who aim to build organizational capabilities in collecting, storing and sharing data to enhance public health.

We Exist To...


… with public health organizations as they work to build the information systems (people, processes, policies and technologies) needed to support decision-making and actions that protect their population’s health.

Build and guide

… a network of partnerships that allows seamless exchange of ideas that lead to data-driven solutions to improve health outcomes worldwide.


… tough and complex information challenges by applying our methodologies, thought leadership and design to new and emerging challenges in public health.


… information systems and governance to empower the public health workforce to make decisions and protect populations.

If you ask what’s at our core,
we’ll tell you

it’s an eagerness to do our part in unlocking the vision of everyone living the healthy and productive lives they deserve. Data is how we get there. It’s easy to get hung up on informatics as an intimidating five-dollar word, but think about it like this: you can’t fix problems that you don’t understand. You need data to understand them and make decisions that advance the health of people and populations. It’s that simple idea that makes us tick.

Using informatics as our torch, we are the piece of the puzzle that puts the power back in the hands of public health professionals to ensure healthy, thriving communities.”

—Vivian Singletary, Director of PHII

Interested in joining our team?
We are seeking passionate, smart and ambitious talent to be part of our story.
PHII is a program of the Task Force for Global Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded as the Task Force for Child Survival in 1984. The Task Force is affiliated with Emory University.