Download these interactive, editable tools to help you begin drafting your most crucial project artifacts. Each tool includes a description, detailed instructions and helpful hints to help you get started. These editable resources are provided as a starting point to be leveraged and modified as needed to suit your needs.

Start with the IIS Migration Planning Questionnaire to consider all the key questions that you’ll need to address to plan for all aspects of your project. This questionnaire walks you through key questions to make sure your project unfolds as you intend, in a way that meets your program’s needs. You’ll notice that the additional tools included below are referenced in the questionnaire and can help you plan different aspects of your project.

Tool downloads

Address key questions to inform migration project planning

The planning questionnaire lists key questions to consider across a myriad of planning topics that may be addressed at various points throughout the project life cycle. This questionnaire is intended for use by program staff to inform the development of IIS migration project management plan(s) by addressing key questions to inform migration project planning.

IIS Platform Migration Planning Questionnaire

Plan and account for change

This workbook walks users through the change management activities needed to assist partners through the transition from the existing system to the new one.

Change Management Planning Workbook

Assess readiness for change

This tool explores jurisdictional readiness for change in undertaking an IIS migration project. The change management tool identifies specific areas to address in preparation for a resource and time-intensive migration.

IIS Platform Migration Change Readiness Self-Assessment

Define key roles and responsibilities for project governance

Defining roles among the project team helps identify who is ultimately responsible for managing specific project tasks and establishes a common set of expectations around project accountabilities.

Project Governance: Roles and Responsibilities Worksheet

Map out key milestones to develop a project schedule

A project schedule is a tool that lists all project milestones, activities and deliverables with associated owners and timelines to completion. A complete schedule helps to communicate the overall effort and duration of a project.

Project Schedule Template

Plan communication messages and activities

A communications plan is a document that outlines the intended communications approach and guides communication activities for a particular project or initiative. Communications planning helps ensure that key messages reach intended audiences.

Communications Plan Template

Document planned training activities

A training plan is a detailed description of how training will occur. A training plan is a place for comprehensive documentation of the program’s approach, strategy and specific plans for training users to support the execution of training activities.

Training Plan Template

Hold a kickoff meeting to start project planning or a new activity

The purpose of the kickoff is to launch the new project and introduce the team roles and responsibilities to achieve the project objectives and goals.

Project Kickoff Meeting Agenda Template