Tool downloads

Download these interactive, editable tools to help you begin drafting your project artifacts. Each tool includes a description, detailed instructions and helpful hints to help you get started. These editable resources are provided as a starting point to be leveraged and modified as needed to suit your needs.

Some tools listed under the second phase, “plan,” also appear here, as many of the action plans created during the planning phase will need to be the focus of activities during the “execute” phase.

Develop and track baseline IIS requirements

Capture project requirements and provide traceability throughout the project lifecycle.

Requirements Traceability Matrix

Plan communication messages and activities

A communications plan is a document that outlines the intended communications approach and guides communication activities for a particular project or initiative. Communications planning helps ensure that key messages reach intended audiences.

Communications Plan Template

Document planned training activities

A training plan is a detailed description of how training will occur. A training plan is a place for comprehensive documentation of the program’s approach, strategy and specific plans for training users to support the execution of training activities.

Training Plan Template

Explore core functions, capabilities and attributes of IIS

The IIS Functional Model presents a common framework and terminology for conveying and communicating the core functions, capabilities and attributes of a fully functioning IIS.

Functional Model (simplified one-sheet)

Functional Model (detailed)

Identify and document required IT services

Both during the solicitation and contracting phases, this listing of typical IT services can help build an appropriate Service Level Agreement.

IIS IT Services Worksheet

Assess IIS features against the Functional Model

Programs can use this interactive workbook to 1) help assess and identify possible enhancements to their IIS, and 2) to help prioritize enhancements leveraging the prioritization criteria and six-sigma scoring framework included within the workbook.

IIS Functional Model Assessment Workbook (detailed)

IIS Functional Model Assessment Workbook (simplified workbook)