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Learn the basics of IIS platform migrations

Begin here to learn what a migration project entails and review critical success factors for a project of this scale. This primer provides an informational overview of the phases and activities involved in an immunization information system (IIS) migration as well as success factors for migrating to a new IIS platform.

IIS Platform Migrations Primer for IIS and Immunization Programs

Make an Informed Decision to Proceed with a Migration

After exploring the IIS Platform Migrations Primer, review these considerations to make sure you’re operationally and technically ready to proceed. IIS platform migrations are complex and resource-intensive projects that can take several years to accomplish. The questions presented in this document walk through considerations to be addressed by health department leadership to inform the decision of whether to proceed with a migration.

Considerations for Proceeding with an IIS Platform Migration

Plan for Staff Impact

Once you’ve used the Considerations for Proceeding to determine whether to move forward with a migration, these key considerations are intended to serve as a reference to assist in guiding the project team as they initiate the project.

Apply Project Management and Change Management to Guide the Migration Process

This framework, also depicted above, will be your guide throughout the project, walking you through the critical objectives, key artifacts and exit criteria for each phase of an IIS platform migration project: initiate, plan, execute, monitor and control, and close. This reference should be kept close at hand throughout the migration process, and is offered in a printable poster format for that purpose.

Address Key Questions to Inform Migration Project Planning

The planning questionnaire lists key questions to consider across a myriad of planning topics that may be addressed at various points throughout the project life cycle. This questionnaire is intended for use by program staff to inform the development of IIS migration project management plan(s) by addressing key questions to inform migration project planning.