capturing, analyzing, transforming and processing it so that it is clean and comprehensive and creates knowledge for decision-making. Our business is information systems—building them to be sound so public health practitioners can work efficiently.


guiding public health professionals to become powerful users of information and use data to remove barriers to healthy living and transform communities neighborhood by neighborhood.

Core Work Areas

Informatics solutions development

We identify information gaps and introduce solutions that allow domestic and global public health organizations to operate efficiently and make informed decisions that improve population health, health equity and access to health.

Informatics technical assistance
We provide evidence-based, practical, vetted guidance to state and local health departments on how to use informatics to improve public health practice.
Trusted convening and informatics guidance
We advance solutions to public health informatics challenges by acting as a conduit that connects partners to reach common objectives and using our influence and expertise in the field to inspire innovative ideas.
Immunization information systems support
We make public health informatics real, understandable and actionable by making available concrete resources, guidance and training to the public health practitioners who plan and shape the future of childhood immunizations.
PHII is a program of the Task Force for Global Health, a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization that was founded as the Task Force for Child Survival in 1984. The Task Force is affiliated with Emory University.