Domains to assess school disciplinary actions

What domains can be used to assess school disciplinary actions?

The U.S. Department of Education (ED) has categorized school disciplinary actions as exclusionary or inclusionary. Whereas exclusionary disciplinary actions remove students from their normal learning environment, inclusionary actions do not. 

  • Exclusionary domains 
    • Expulsion. A type of discipline that removes a student from his or her normal learning setting for the remainder of the school year or longer, depending on the policy of the local education agency (LEA). The student’s educational services could continue (for example, at an alternative school) or cease during this time.
    • Out-of-school suspension. A type of discipline that excludes a student from school for one school day or longer.
  • Inclusionary domains
    • In-school suspension. A disciplinary action that temporarily removes a student from his or her classroom or classrooms for at least half a day and keeps him or her under the supervision of school employees. Not all in-school suspension is inclusionary because it may result in loss of instruction time.
    • After school detention. A disciplinary action that does not remove a student from his or her normal learning setting and results in no loss of instruction time.