CRDM™ with the City of York Bureau of Health
Sheereen Brown recently wrapped up a project with the City of York Bureau of Health that she calls the “bread and butter” of Requirements Lab work.
A public health perspective on interoperability
In this guest blog, Noam Arzt of HLN Consulting describes challenges that public health faces around interoperability.
The power of metaphors: how to communicate about public health informatics
A new video provides an overview of how metaphors can help the public health workforce better understand informatics.
The Road to an Informatics Savvy Health Department: A State and Local Experience
SHINE fellows Nicole Willis and Kim Peifer guest blog this week all about their efforts to build an informatics-savvy health department.
Informatics working to meet specific needs and ensure consistency: my work on the PICK-CHAMPS application
The PICK-CHAMPS application gives the CHAMPS team the data and cultural context to work respectfully across surveillance sites.
Filling in the blanks: communicating public health informatics
Informatics touches nearly every area of public health, but communicating the value of the discipline presents its own challenges.