Moving toward informatics savviness: a tale of two health departments
The recent efforts of Detroit and Chicago's health departments to build informatics capacity provides a useful case study for other agencies.
Case Study: The York Bureau of Health’s Search for an Information System
In 2016, the City of York Bureau of Health was ready to invest in an electronic information system to support its clinical ser
CRDM™ with the City of York Bureau of Health
Sheereen Brown recently wrapped up a project with the City of York Bureau of Health that she calls the “bread and butter” of Requirements Lab work.
Informatics working to meet specific needs and ensure consistency: my work on the PICK-CHAMPS application
The PICK-CHAMPS application gives the CHAMPS team the data and cultural context to work respectfully across surveillance sites.
Featuring the 8 Steps course: building communities, strengthening IT systems
Over the past four years, I’ve had the privilege of supporting the Informatics Academy’s first distance learning course: Designing & Managing Public Health Information Systems: 8 Steps to Success.
Challenges and changes: preparing a new generation of IIS managers
Earlier this summer, PHII hosted training for new immunization information system managers.
Launching a new immunization information system in Oklahoma
PHII collaborated with the state of Oklahoma to support the development and rollout of their new IIS.
The role of data in the fight against NTDs
Neglected tropical diseases affect a billion people worldwide. Learn how we're harnessing data to fight back.
Bridging the gap in hearing loss intervention with data
One of the most common birth defects in the U.S. is hearing loss.
The Healthy Weight Initiative: interoperability as a path to obesity prevention
Last year, the CDC reacted to the growing obesity epidemic by inviting PHII to join them in developing a new surveillance initiative to monitor healthy weight.
Lending a hand to IIS managers, the unsung heroes of immunization records
The CDC, recognizing the need for further support and enrichment for IIS managers across the country, reached out to PHII with the request that we design a training program for newer hires.
Taking the World AIDS Day challenge: on the ground in Mozambique
In 2011, the World Health Organization (WHO) announced one theme for all World AIDS Days through 2015: “Getting to zero."