Informatics for Everyone
This video series describes informatics from three key perspectives: practitioners, program managers and senior leaders.
How the MAT-LINK project is shedding light on the opioid epidemic
Opioid use disorder is increasingly a problem among pregnant women. The MAT-LINK project is looking to measure that problem and inform future interventions
The Claire Loe Memorial Library
A dedication to a friend and colleague.
Introducing Critical Success Factors for Informatics Projects
Is your agency in the process of becoming more informatics-savvy? Learn how to improve the success of your informatics projects!
Rising stars: public health informatics and the Young African Leadership Initiative
Former YALI intern Godfrey Nyombi takes to the blog to describe his experience at PHII.
Eulogy for Dr. Claire Loe
Dr. Dave Ross, president and CEO of the Task Force for Global Health and former director of PHII, delivered this eulogy in honor of Dr. Claire Loe at her memorial service in Houston, Texas on December 10, 2016.
Honoring the life and work of Dr. Claire Loe
The Public Health Informatics Institute mourns the recent passing of Dr. Claire Loe, friend, artist and lifelong health advocate.
Understanding childhood mortality through informatics
In a collaborative PHII project, innovative data collection will be critical to informing public health interventions to reduce childhood mortality.
A different way to meet
We recently tackled some key public health challenges using a fairly unusual meeting format.
Sexually transmitted infections: getting better data for a better public health response
The key to effective public health response is capturing timely, accurate and complete data.
CHAMPS: the pledge to reduce global childhood mortality
Almost 6 million children under the age of 5 die each year across the world. PHII is joining key partners to significantly reduce this number.
The business of building robust public health systems
Public health is generally not considered part of the conversation when discussing businesses.
The Informatics Academy: People, process and technology, part III
Of people, process, and technology, the technology component of informatics receives a significant amount of attention.
The Informatics Academy: People, process and technology, part II
At PHII’s Informatics Academy, we produce solutions that are realistic, practical and tailored to the training need.
The Informatics Academy: People, process and technology, part I
At PHII, our approach to informatics starts with people.
So what is a functional requirement anyway?
When PHII’s Requirements Lab begins a new project, one of our first steps following the documentation of business processes is often to begin developing functional requirements with project partners and stakeholders.
PHII welcomes Godfrey Nyombi of the Young African Leadership Initiative
This month, the Public Health Informatics Institute welcomes Godfrey Nyombi to a seven-week internship with PHII.
Adventures with InVenture: PHII’s intern takes on sanitation design
PHII is delighted to congratulate our intern, Jasmine Burton, on her recent success in the InVenture Prize Competition.
Field photo roundup
PHII works on projects domestically and around the world, from Minnesota to Botswana. Our staff is tasked with building information capacity to improve global health outcomes in these areas.
Celebrating the life and work of Bill Watson
The Public Health Informatics Institute mourns the recent passing of Bill Watson, friend, leader and titan of innovation in public health.

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