The Claire Loe Memorial Library

Three years since her passing, the Public Health Informatics Institute still mourns the loss of friend and colleague, Dr. Claire Loe. Though her absence can be felt, Claire left behind a legacy of compassion, humanitarianism and selflessness that her colleagues continue to remember today.

PHII wanted to memorialize Claire by creating a quiet space dedicated to her love of literature, creativity and education. Equipped with books for colleagues to borrow, art to admire and a comfortable place to sit and reflect, The Claire Loe Memorial Library allows staff to take a moment out of their day to meditate, read and find inspiration in the daily work we do as advocates for public health. Jim Jellison, director of Practice Support and Claire’s former supervisor, formally introduced the library to PHII staff and shared remarks on her endless contributions to social justice and public health during a dedication on November 21, 2019.

The room is truly inspired by Claire—from the health education materials to the bright paintings on the wall, representing her aesthetic as an artist. The paintings were designed by adults with disabilities and purchased from the Friendship Center, an Atlanta nonprofit that “promotes the mental, physical and spiritual wellbeing of adults marginalized by mental health challenges and by poverty.” The Friendship Center’s mission is a perfect marriage of Claire’s passion for artistic expression and improving the lives of vulnerable populations. PHII wants to remember these things about Claire and hopes this library is a just tribute that brings a little piece of her to work with us every day.