Clean Sweeps in the Rust Belt: Buffalo, NY Uses Big Data to Improve Neighborhoods
In Buffalo, NY, city departments are working together as part of the Operation Clean Sweep program to improve the most challenged neighborhoods.
“Struck by Orca”: An Illustrated Guide to ICD-10
A new illustrated book pokes fun at bizarre ICD-10 codes like “Z62.891 Sibling rivalry” and “W56.22xA Struck by orca, initial encounter.”
Empowering Public Health: The Creation and Adoption of Standards
PHII recently provided recommendations on public health standards to the National Committee for Vital and Health Statistics at their request.
Moving Towards an Enterprise Approach to Public Health
With the advent of large scale automation in the personal health care sector, public health has the opportunity to move from narrowly-viewed surveillance systems to an enterprise view.
The Legacy of All Kids Count
16 years ago, PHII began as a Robert Wood Johnson Foundation-funded program called All Kids Count.
Embracing Wikipedia to Improve Population Health
In a recent interview from The Atlantic, one medical school professor said writing off Wikipedia entirely is a missed opportunity for the health care community.

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