The Claire Loe Memorial Library
A dedication to a friend and colleague.
Looking back on five years of success
As 2018 comes to a close, it is worth reflecting on the progress we've made over the years.
Let’s talk: building systems that communicate for better health care
In a growing e-health world, we need health systems that reflect our capabilities and needs.
Moving toward informatics savviness: a tale of two health departments
The recent efforts of Detroit and Chicago's health departments to build informatics capacity provides a useful case study for other agencies.
Introducing Critical Success Factors for Informatics Projects
Is your agency in the process of becoming more informatics-savvy? Learn how to improve the success of your informatics projects!
Case Study: The York Bureau of Health’s Search for an Information System
In 2016, the City of York Bureau of Health was ready to invest in an electronic information system to support its clinical ser