Module 1 Introduction
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Module 2 Making the case
Unit 1
Module 3 Getting started
Unit 1
Module 4 Self-assessment tools
Unit 1
Module 5 Post-assessment resources
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Module 6 Supplemental resources
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Module 7 All toolkit downloads
Unit 1

Define Public Health Graphic

Post-Assessment Resources 

Now that your self-assessment activities are complete, refer to these guidance documents to use the findings from your assessment to inform ongoing informatics capacity-building strategies.

Developing a Strategic Informatics Roadmap

Prior to developing a long-term informatics capacity-building strategy, an agency must first identify and act on critical success factors. This set of guidelines and considerations offers guidance for developing a strategic and operational plan.

Information Governance for Public Health

As you identify your priorities and strategies for building an informatics-savvy health department, a critical area to develop or enhance is information governance. If an overall purpose of being informatics-savvy is to improve your health department’s or program’s use of information and information technology, then how you thoughtfully make decisions about the collection, management, uses, exchange and release of information is critical. This reference will inform the process of making information governance a component of your informatics strategy roadmap.

Key Considerations for Establishing a Public Health Informatics Program

Many health departments are struggling with the logistics of building public health informatics capacity within their agencies, particularly creating informatics job descriptions that are not IT classifications, and knowing how to organize informatics within the agency. While there is no single, ideal way to create and organize an informatics program, there are some key considerations that can help guide decision-making.

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