Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1
Module 2 Making the case
Unit 1
Module 3 Getting started
Unit 1
Module 4 Self-assessment tools
Unit 1
Module 5 Post-assessment resources
Unit 1
Module 6 Supplemental resources
Unit 1
Module 7 All toolkit downloads
Unit 1

Define Public Health Graphic

Supplemental Resources

The following toolkits, trainings and other resources may be helpful to supplement the materials in the toolkit.

Public Health Informatics Profile Toolkit

The Public Health Informatics Profile Toolkit was designed as a resource for state and local health departments to assess needs and readiness for health information exchange in today’s rapidly changing health information environment.

Toolkit for Planning an EHR-based Surveillance Program

This toolkit provides a framework for successfully using information from electronic health records systems (EHR) for public health surveillance by creating a value case, engaging stakeholders, implementing appropriate technologies, and ultimately using information to improve health.

Reframing Public Health Informatics: A Communications Toolkit

Reframing Public Health Informatics is a collection of evidence-based framing recommendations and sample communications designed to help the public health workforce talk about informatics – what it is, how it works, and why its contributions are so important to achieving the goal of improved population health.

Informatics Academy

PHII’s Informatics Academy offers practice-based training sessions, online learning solutions and downloadable resources in the field of public health informatics.

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