Module 1 Introduction
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Module 2 Making the case
Unit 1
Module 3 Getting started
Unit 1
Module 4 Self-assessment tools
Unit 1
Module 5 Post-assessment resources
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Module 6 Supplemental resources
Unit 1
Module 7 All toolkit downloads
Unit 1

Define Public Health Graphic

Getting Started

Begin with these planning resources to orient yourself to the self-assessment process and begin to strategize on how you will facilitate the self-assessment process at your agency.

A Facilitator’s Companion Guide to the Informatics-Savvy Health Department Self-Assessment

This facilitator’s guide will serve as the roadmap to the person within a health agency leading the self-assessment activities. It provides instructions for convening the assessment group, outlines roles and responsibilities, includes worksheets for the facilitator to fill out during the self-assessment process, and more.

Informatics-savvy Health Department Introductory Slide Deck

This PowerPoint template can be customized and branded to an individual agency’s use to introduce concepts around the informatics-savvy health department and the self-assessment activity to agency staff in order to orient the staff to the coming process and build interest and advocacy for the project.
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