Field photo roundup
Piper Hale, MPH
PHII works on projects domestically and around the world, from Minnesota to Botswana. Our staff is tasked with building information capacity to improve global health outcomes in these areas. While they’re in the field (at home and abroad), PHII staff often stop to document moments in the lives of the people they encounter on their travels. These images bring to life the abstract ideas of serviced populations, partners and stakeholders, giving us faces and stories for the groups of people we consider in the projects we undertake. Here are some highlights from recent trips.
A baby in Uganda plays with a broom.
A young girl in Uganda stops for the camera.
Three nurses proudly flank the door of the rural Ugandan clinic that they run.
This Mozambique open-air market is bustling at mid-day with shoppers on the hunt for fresh fish and produce.
In this snapshot of everyday life in a rural Ugandan community, a woman prepares a meal for her family using an outdoor stove.

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