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MAT-LINK project updates

PHII and CDC have released an RFP for a new project on maternal health outcomes and opioid use.

Podcast: Dr. Carlos del Rio on COVID-19: data needs, racial disparities and more

Dr. Carlos del Rio, infectious disease expert from Emory University, joins the show to discuss the COVID-19 pandemic.

Podcast: Dr. Leo Nissola on the Covid Act Now project and lessons from a pandemic

Dr. Leo Nissola, physician and immunologist, explains how the Covid Act Now project is using statistical modeling to inform public policy on a pandemic.

Podcast: Dr. Patrick O'Carroll on COVID-19 outbreak prevention through health systems strengthening

Dr. Patrick O'Carroll, head of health systems strengthening at the Task Force for Global Health, joins the podcast to talk about COVID-19.

Podcast: Dr. Karen DeSalvo’s reflections on Public Health 3.0 and vision for the future of informatics

Former ONC director Dr. Karen DeSalvo joins the podcast to reflect on the legacy of Public Health 3.0 and her vision of the future of informatics.

The Claire Loe Memorial Library

A dedication to a friend and colleague. 

Podcast: How Colorado's Tri-County Health Department is mapping the opioid crisis

Dr. Alyson Shupe joins the podcast to talk about how her agency is fighting the opioid crisis in Colorado through data.

Podcast: Vivian Singletary and David Addiss on data ethics for public health practitioners

Part two of David Addiss's and Vivian Singletary's conversation on health data ethics offers a public health perspective.

Podcast: Vivian Singletary and David Addiss on big data and consumer health privacy

Vivian Singletary and David Addiss join the podcast for a discussion on the ethics of big data and consumer privacy.

Looking back on five years of success

As 2018 comes to a close, it is worth reflecting on the progress we've made over the years.