PHII celebrates 30 years
A public health perspective on interoperability
In this guest blog, Noam Arzt of HLN Consulting describes challenges that public health faces around interoperability.
The power of metaphors: how to communicate about public health informatics
A new video provides an overview of how metaphors can help the public health workforce better understand informatics.
The Road to an Informatics-Savvy Health Department: A State and Local Experience
SHINE fellows Nicole Willis and Kim Peifer guest blog this week all about their efforts to build an informatics-savvy health department.
Filling in the blanks: communicating public health informatics
Informatics touches nearly every area of public health, but communicating the value of the discipline presents its own challenges.
The next generation of electronic death registration systems
Accurate reporting of deaths in the U.S. is important for legal reasons, personal reasons and for state and national mortality statistics.
Bridge-building: collaborating on a shared vision for digital health
A recent visioning session around digital health brought together top representatives from public health, health care and health IT.
Meaningful Use lives on!
The controversial report of the demise of the Meaningful Use incentive program was greatly exaggerated.
Electronic health records, population health management and public health
In the midst of a culture change in American health care, information use, as opposed to information technology, lies at the center.
“Infor-what-ics?”: Communications challenges of an emerging field
Even within the field of public health, defining the concept of "informatics" and its value continues to be a difficult task.
Information system lessons found in nature
Biology offers some useful lessons to all of us in structuring effective information systems.
Public health informatics defined
It may not be a big surprise that the top reason for visits to our website come from one simple question: What is public health informatics?
Infographic: a snapshot of the social determinants of health
This infographic shows social determinants in action in PHII's home state of Georgia.
The road to becoming an informatics-savvy health department
State and local health departments around the country are challenged to increase their information capabilities in a digital era.
Disruptive innovation in public health
“Disruptive innovation” is a term born in academia and bred in Silicon Valley, but does it have a place in the world of public health?