All Kids Count
The Legacy of All Kids Count
This picture tells an important story. Ellen Wild and Amy Metroka were brought together 16 years ago as members of the RWJF-funded program All Kids Count. The purpose of the program was to develop immunization registries to improve the health of preschool children by providing timely, accurate information about their immunizations. All Kids Count was instrumental in the development of immunization registries — one of the first widely-implemented public health information systems — and in the development of integrated child health information systems.

The picture was taken at last week’s National IIS Conference, a meeting created by All Kids Count and run by the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA), also born from All Kids Count. Sixteen years after RWJF jump-started the national effort to support immunization histories for all persons, we see a vibrant national community of program leaders and supporting technology companies continuing to make progress. RWJF’s investment in All Kids Count continues to pay big dividends in terms of improved public health.