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We encourage leaders, practitioners, policy makers, funders and others interested in the advancement of public health practice to use the many valuable resources on this site. PHII resources may be freely used and distributed with citation.

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Toolkit for Planning an EHR-based Surveillance Program

February 27, 2019
This toolkit provides a framework for successfully using information from electronic health records systems (EHR) for public health surveillance by creating a value case, engaging stakeholders, implementing appropriate technologies, and ultimately using information to improve health.

Reframing Public Health Informatics: A Communications Toolkit

February 27, 2019
Reframing Public Health Informatics is a collection of evidence-based framing recommendations and sample communications designed to help the public health workforce talk about informatics – what it is, how it works, and why its contributions are so important to achieving the goal of improved...

Informatics Academy

February 27, 2019
PHII's Informatics Academy offers practice-based training sessions, online learning solutions and downloadable resources in the field of public health informatics.

Informatics-savvy Health Department Introductory Slide Deck

February 26, 2019
This PowerPoint template can be customized and branded to an individual agency's use to introduce concepts around the informatics-savvy health department and the self-assessment activity to agency staff in order to orient the staff to the coming process and build interest and advocacy for the...

A Facilitator’s Companion Guide to the Informatics-Savvy Health Department Self-Assessment

February 26, 2019
This facilitator's guide will serve as the roadmap to the person within a health agency leading the self-assessment activities. It provides instructions for convening the assessment group, outlines roles and responsibilities, includes worksheets for the facilitator to fill out during the self-...

The Informatics-savvy Health Department Self-assessment Tool

February 26, 2019
The core component of the Informatics-savvy Health Department toolkit, this self-assessment tool will be the chief focus of the stakeholder group convened to assess the agency. It allows the stakeholders to move through each component of the Capability Maturity Model and score their agency on...

Interoperability for Public Health Agencies: A Self-assessment Tool

February 26, 2019
Interoperability is defined as the ability of different information technology systems and software applications to communicate, exchange data and use the information that has been exchanged. This companion to the Informatics-savvy Health Department Self-assessment allows agencies to score and...

Developing a Strategic Informatics Roadmap

February 26, 2019
Prior to developing a long-term informatics capacity-building strategy, an agency must first identify and act on critical success factors. This set of guidelines and considerations offers guidance for developing a strategic and operational plan.

Information Governance for Public Health

February 26, 2019
As you identify your priorities and strategies for building an informatics-savvy health department, a critical area to develop or enhance is information governance. If an overall purpose of being informatics-savvy is to improve your health department’s or program’s use of information and...

Key Considerations for Establishing a Public Health Informatics Program

February 26, 2019
Many health departments are struggling with the logistics of building public health informatics capacity within their agencies, particularly creating informatics job descriptions that are not IT classifications, and knowing how to organize informatics within the agency. While there is no single,...