Dave Ross at Podcast Microphone
Now taking your questions!
If you’re not aware, PHII recently launched its own podcast, “Inform Me, Informatics.” The show features interviews with public health professionals working in the rapidly growing informatics field. As a longtime fan of “Cartalk,” I’ve been dreaming of a PHII radio show for years, and I’m so pleased that Jessica Hill (our answer to Click and Clack) has pioneered this project.

The podcast will be stepping into new territory soon with a special call-in show episode. I’ll be joining Jessica on the show to answer questions about public health, informatics, data, global health—the list goes on! If you’re interested in having your question answered on the air, I’d love to hear from you. All you have to do is record yourself using the voice memo app on your phone and send the file to before June 1. If you’d prefer, you can instead type up your question and email it as text.

I hope to hear from many of you soon!

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