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Moving into Evidence-Based Practice
The programs National Coordinating Center for Public Health Services & Systems Research (PHSSR) and the Public Health Practice-Based Research Networks National Coordinating Center (PBRN) recently combined into a single operational center. Funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation, and housed at the University of Kentucky, the new center recognizes synergies between the two programs, enhances collaboration, and maximizes efficiency and service.
PHSSR and PBRN together explore the impact of specific public health strategies on the quality and performance of the US public health system. Their work directly impacts the future of public health practice for the simple reason that policy makers want to know that they are investing in evidence-based interventions.  We live in an era where we need to show which preventive health measures and interventions work—and among those that work, which are least costly.
The integrated center moves public health practitioners into the era of evidence-based public health practice. We should all be pleased that our University of Kentucky colleagues have merged the research and translation efforts into a single operational entity.