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These recent resources provide additional background on the process and concepts behind STI eCR, and provide further context for programs looking to evaluate their own eCR efforts.

Lessons on optimizing STI reporting in Oregon

This 2021 article in the Journal of Sexually Transmitted Diseases authored by representatives of PHII, CDC and project partners in Oregon summarizes the findings from an eCR pilot of gonorrhea and chlamydia conducted in Oregon in early 2020.

Automating Case Reporting of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea to Public Health Authorities in Oregon Clinics

Public health reporting and outbreak response

This article published in AMIA in 2020 describes how data gathering mechanisms can be leveraged using new clinical standards, using FHIR as a model.

Public health reporting and outbreak response: synergies with evolving clinical standards for interoperability

Using FHIR for electronic case reporting

This article published in 2019 describes a pilot to test the feasibility of a standards-based application designed to automate STI case information collection and reporting. In the pilot study, electronic laboratory messages triggered a FHIR-based application to query a patient’s electronic health record for details needed for an electronic case report.

Integration of FHIR to Facilitate Electronic Case Reporting: Results from a Pilot Study

Leveraging decision support analytics, FHIR, and case reporting for information exchange

This presentation for AMIA Summit 2020 explores how existing standards and systems can be leveraged to support electronic information exchange and eCR.

AMIA Summit 2020 Abstract

Leveraging informatics to identify reportable cases

This journal article describes an STI eCR pilot program conducted in eight Chicago-area community health centers in 2017.

Pilot Findings on Electronic Case Reporting of Chlamydia and Gonorrhea

Introduction to eCR for STIs

PHII, with the support of the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention’s Division of STD Prevention, created this online course to provide an introduction to basic elements of electronic case reporting in the context of STI surveillance. This course launched after the close of the STI eCR learning community webinar series.

Launch eLearning course

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