Module 1 Introduction
Unit 1
Module 2 Communications tools
Unit 1
Module 3 Sample communications
Unit 1
Module 4 Background reading
Unit 1
Module 5 See all toolkit resources
Unit 1

These materials model how to apply the toolkit’s tested frame elements to communications about public health informatics. Some of these materials may be directly used and repurposed for communications materials.

Tool downloads

Communicating public health informatics: PowerPoint slides

Download these editable, customizable PowerPoint slides to use in presentations about public health informatics.

Sample PowerPoint slides

Reframed grant application

This before-and-after grant application demonstrates the difference between standard grant application language around public health informatics and what that language may look like after being reframed using the concepts from this toolkit.

Reframed grant application

Informatics metaphor animation videos

These videos were developed to visually illustrate the three key public health informatics metaphors developed for the communications toolkit: informaticians as data logisticians, informaticians as information architects and informaticians as information translators.

Logistics/shipping metaphor video

Translation metaphor video

Architecture metaphor video

Animated GIFS illustrating public health informatics

These animated GIFS illustrate the explanatory metaphors. They can be downloaded and used in digital communications materials.

Animated GIFs

Informatics infographics

Infographics illustrate two of the explanatory metaphors: informatics as architecture and informatics as logistics. These infographics can be used in both digital and print communications.

Informatics infographics

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