These tools offer a starting point to build project artifacts that can guide the team in planning for staff allocation and considering project resource needs for balancing project and operational tasks.

IIS Staff Roles Matrix Template

The staff roles matrix can be used to help identify staffing responsibilities for key IIS roles and responsibilities. It can be used during a large-scale project, such as an IIS platform migration, to assess staffing needs before, during, and after a migration as needed for covering different role and responsibility changes.

Sample IIS Staffing Model

The sample staffing model is a tool to help visualize coverage for key IIS roles and identify potential gaps in coverage.

Staff Allocation Matrix

The staff allocation matrix assesses current and planned staff allocations and capacity. This tool is designed to help managers answer the question, “How does my staff spend their time on a periodic basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)?”

IIS Core Competency Model

The IIS Core Competency Model presents a framework of core competency domains for IIS staff, offering a pathway for IIS performance success to align with national immunization goals and recognized operational strategies.

IIS Workforce Classifications

These sample role descriptions and a related competency domain model are intended to provide guidance for identifying staffing needs and subsequent recruiting for immunization information systems. The following individual role descriptions are included: