public health informatics is a complex, cutting-edge discipline that isn’t always easy to understand. “Inform Me, Informatics” explores informatics in action through stories that illustrate what this field is all about. From disease surveillance to using data analysis to promote health equity, this podcast uses storytelling to bring public health informatics concepts and theory to life.
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On September 25, the National Association of City and County Health Officials (NACCHO) will be celebrating Health IT Week with a virtual conference! The LHIT Conference will connect local health department staff working in health IT with each other to jointly tackle some of the biggest current issues in health IT.
On the most recent episode of Inform Me, Informatics, David Addiss of the Focus Area for Compassion and Ethics in Global Health (FACE) and Vivian Singletary of PHII joined the show to talk about big data and how consumers may opt in to supply their health data to private companies.
If you’ve ever had Google or Facebook ads show you a pair of shoes you just bought, or had your phone prompt you to leave a rating for a restaurant you just left, you are one of many who has had to confront the uncomfortable relationship between modern consumers and the devices they rely on.
The preeminent event of the public health informatics field, the Public Health Informatics Conference, is coming up next week, from August 20-23. This conference is hosted by NACCHO and CDC in Atlanta once every two years and draws informaticians from all over the country to share innovations and lessons learned.
The Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) network is an ambitious global project that seeks to reduce childhood mortality around the world by identifying what exactly is killing children under five. Project partners have established surveillance sites in seven countries across south Asia and sub-Saharan Africa to determine causes of death for children in those catchment areas.
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