public health informatics is a complex, cutting-edge discipline that isn’t always easy to understand. “Inform Me, Informatics” explores informatics in action through stories that illustrate what this field is all about. From disease surveillance to using data analysis to promote health equity, this podcast uses storytelling to bring public health informatics concepts and theory to life.
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I was fortunate to attend the American Immunization Registry Association (AIRA) National Meeting last month in Seattle, WA. I attended a lot of great sessions at the AIRA meeting—and even led a session myself—and one of the presentations really jumped out at me. Sudha Setty from the Minnesota Immunization Information Connection spoke about the ways her department used IIS data to explore questions related to health equity.
Last time on the podcast, Mary Beth Kurilo helped us explore immunization information systems (IIS). I’m always interested to learn how people get involved in public health, so in this bonus episode, we’ll hear about Mary Beth’s career path, including how she got interested in IIS and why she enjoys working in the IIS community.
In a world where information—weather updates, live breaking news, traffic reports—is available with one tap on a smartphone screen, some people may take access to information for granted. But how is information accessed in public health practice? For example, vaccination against deadly diseases a key public health practice, but tracking and recording immunizations is more involved than you may realize.
The newest episode of our podcast “Inform Me, Informatics” is now available on SoundCloud and iTunes! In this episode, PHII director Dr. Dave Ross returns to chat about key topics in informatics, from the benefits of data sharing to making the case for electronic health records.
Today marks the release of the first ever episode of “Inform Me, Informatics,” a podcast all about public health informatics. You can listen to Episode 1 on SoundCloud or subscribe on iTunes. In this episode, our very own Dr. David Ross describes how his professional journey took him from missile engineering to public health informatics.
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