NACCHO Launches New Public Health Informatics Blog
I wanted to direct your attention to NACCHO’s new blog, ePublic Health Talks, which promises to be a welcome addition to the online conversation about public health informatics. I was honored to be part of the blog’s inaugural post with a video presentation on the history and future of the field.

The video refers to a 1995 CDC presentation, articulating a vision of how IT could support Public Health practice in the far distant future of 2010. As you will see in the presentation, we got a lot of things right – even though at that time I don’t think any of us realized how quickly the Internet would change the technology landscape.

But more important than being right about the technology specifics was embracing our obligation to have a vision for the future, and to share it with those who needed to be part of bringing it about. And that’s where we are again today. I think it is time for the public health community to take another look into the 10 to 15 year future and envision again how to make the information we create as powerful a tool for health as possible.