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Section Overview 

The sharing/exchange of data among clinical and public health entities requires assessing organizations’ technical capabilities and aligning technical approaches to exchange. These assessments need to identify and agree on how data will move from one discrete system to another, or how users in one organization will be able to access or otherwise view information stored by another organization. Regardless of the model chosen for moving or allowing access to data, the appropriate standards must be identified and agreed upon to facilitate sharing/access while maintaining privacy protections for personally identifiable health information.

Questions addressed in this section:

  • What are your business processes? What systems requirements are needed to support each process?
  • How will you validate your requirements?
  • Are HL7 version 2 messages or CDA documents the most appropriate standard to use?
  • What types of transactions are expected (e.g., one-way data transmission, bidirectional query and response, other)?
  • Which transport protocol best meets the needs of the partners and fits within their overall exchange infrastructure and policies?

Likely stakeholders and partners:

  • Surveillance programs staff
  • IT staff, including business analysts and those supporting transport protocols
  • Health care IT/interoperability staff

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