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Building Public Health Informatics Business Cases

This six-week email course walks you through the process of creating your own business case for addressing informatics challenges at your agency. You’ll receive an email each week for six consecutive weeks focused on a key concept related to business cases along with helpful templates, guides and links to additional resources. Sign up here.

Informatics Insights

This series of one-page briefs captures ideas and insights from health department leaders across the country about building informatics capacity at their agencies.

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Building an Informatics Savvy Health Department

This article from the Journal of Public Health Management practice outlines the vision and strategy (Part 1) and operational and tactical considerations (part 2) for building an informatics-savvy health department.

Informatics Insights

This series of one-page briefs captures ideas and insights from health department leaders across the country about building informatics capacity at their agencies.

Informatics-Savvy Health Department Self-Assessment Tool

This assessment provides a tool to rate your agency on different aspects of informatics capabilities to aid in planning and priority setting.

Leadership’s Role in Building an Informatics Roadmap

In the first webinar in the three-part series, Secretary John Wiesman and Dr. Kathy Lofy of Washington State explained how and why they, as leaders, made informatics a priority for the Washington State Department of Health. The discussion outlined the major activities undertaken by the agency in the development of an informatics roadmap, such as establishing an informatics program and IT governance, conducting an informatics capacity assessment, and establishing short- and long- term goals. A few key takeaways from their presentation are summarized in a convenient one-pager above. The full recorded presentation and slide deck allow exploration in more depth.

Informatics Position Descriptions

This resource includes a position classification framework and four sample job descriptions for informatics professionals. Each sample includes a menu of knowledge, skills and abilities your agency can choose from in developing informatics positions.

Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model

The Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model outlines the knowledge, skills, and abilities that public health practitioners need to address the informatics challenges at their agencies.

Podcast: Whatcom County’s journey toward becoming an informatics-savvy health department

In this episode of PHII’s podcast, “Inform Me, Informatics,” Nicole Willis of Whatcom County Health Department visits to share her agency’s path to becoming an informatics-savvy health department.

All Systems Go: Upfront Planning for Successful Information Systems Projects

This research brief presents findings from a series of surveys conducted in 2003 about local health department experiences in investing in new information systems. It provides practical guidance, including a checklist of key decisions, for moving forward with new systems.

Defining the Work of Public Health Together

This video explains the benefits of developing requirements collaboratively and outlines PHII’s Collaborative Requirements Development methodology.

Estimating total cost of ownership

This tool, including a PDF guide and an interactive worksheet, outlines instructions for estimating costs and provides categories of expenses related to information systems.

Making Public Health Informatics Visible

This report from the Frameworks Institute discusses perceptions and communications challenges related to Public Health Informatics and offers strategies for communicating about this emerging field.

Reframing Public Health Informatics: A Communications Toolkit

This toolkit provides several resources to help public health professionals communicate more effectively about informatics.

Explainer Video Series: Informatics for Everyone

This video series explores the question “What is informatics?” from the perspectives of a senior leader, a mid-level manager, and practitioner.

Explainer Video Series: Informatics is Like…

This video series uses simple metaphors to communicate complex concepts related to informatics in a way general public health audiences can understand.

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