The initiative captures information on patients diagnosed with respiratory illness or SARS-CoV-2, providing details on demographics, comorbidity and treatment. Data is collected from 40 sites participating in PCORnet, the National Patient-Centered Clinical Research Network.


  • Develop partnership between CDC, PCORnet and PHII for COVID-19 surveillance using data from electronic health records
  • Maintain and update a filtered common data model of patients with respiratory illnesses and SARS-CoV-2 testing every two weeks
  • Respond to queries every two weeks to assess patients with COVID-19 diagnoses, influenza diagnoses and SARS-CoV-2 testing
  • Respond to advanced analytic queries focused on predictors of admission/readmission, disease severity and COVID-19 sequelae

key partners and roles

  • The Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) serves as the project sponsor.
  • PHII, a program of the Task Force for Global Health, provides project management, contract management and communications support.
  • Harvard Pilgrim Health Care (HPHC) serves as the data coordinating center and leads development, execution and generation of surveillance queries. HPHC also captures data for advanced analytics.
  • Louisiana Public Health Institute (LPHI) provides strategic direction and support for the initiative and contributes data for surveillance queries.


The project management team distributes bi-monthly newsletters to share regular updates on project activities, outcomes and events. 

The June webinar provided a high-level overview of work completed to date, past queries, future cumulative queries and some key outcomes, including some newly released tables displaying sequelae severity among different age groups across the PCORnet sites. Additionally, the webinar included logistical updates as year 2 closes and year 3 begins along with potential topics for queries in year 3.

The May webinar provided a high-level overview of work completed to date, past queries, future cumulative queries and some key outcomes. The webinar also looked forward to expected funding for Year 3 and the continuing engagement of PCORnet sites.

The February webinar covered future long COVID and Delta-focused query updates, as well as news on both published and potential papers and what to expect for upcoming project activities and timeline. 

The December webinar covered updates on the long COVID, immunization, death and disease severity queries. Additional topics include an update on the short-term approach for patient-level data, potential queries for 2022 and an update on the progress of manuscripts submitted for publication.

October’s webinar presented data on recent queries and plans for future queries being developed. 

August bi-monthly webinar (August 23, 2021): The August webinar provided an update on query results, the query timeline for the remainder of 2021, details on the vaccine- and delta-focused queries, and progress on manuscripts in development.

June’s webinar provided an update on current and future queries, manuscripts and other publications under developement and details for the scope for the second year of the project. 

*Note: The June webinar recording and transcript contain data that have not been shared publicly. Once that data has been made public, the webinar and transcript will be made available.

The third bi-monthly webinar provided an overview of the project’s accomplishments, a status update on continuation funding, and plans for future queries and disseminating results.

The project team hosted its second bi-monthly webinar to update partners on recent query data, share plans for future  queries being developed and discuss dissemination methods to communicate query results.

The project team hosted a webinar to share details on the project objectives and timeline, as well as to introduce key partners and roles.

Query schedule

Queries will be sent to sites once to twice a month. A tentative schedule is provided below. 

Week of Nov. 8, 2021: Creating cohorts from immunization and death tables 
Week of Nov. 29, 2021: Chronic disease and severe COVID regression
Week of Dec. 13, 2021: COVID and chronic disease outcomes
Week of Jan. 3, 2022: Admissions/readmissions regression
Week of Jan. 17, 2022: Patient-level data query

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