Get ready for the second Data Modernization Workshop in 2022!

In collaboration with the CDC, (PHII) is honored to host a second virtual Data Modernization Workshop in 2022. Additional details about the workshop are coming soon!

Learn more about the CDC Data Modernization Initiative.

Accelerating states' data modernization efforts

The CDC recently launched its Data Modernization in Action site which includes an article about the Data Modernization Workshop PHII hosted in 2021. This workshop supported jurisdictional public health departments further their data modernization efforts with new guidance and planning resources. 

2021 Data Modernization Initiative Workshop

Targeted towards recipients of the Epidemiology and Laboratory Capacity for Prevention and Control of Emerging Infectious Diseases (ELC) cooperative agreement, the Data Modernization Workshop harnessed peer-to-peer learning to engage participants on key topics:

  • sustainable information infrastructure
  • improved workforce capacity and
  • shared solutions to common data challenges.

Collaboration continued after the workshop as attendees shared job descriptions for informatics staff as well as recruitment and retention strategies implemented within their health departments.

View the evaluation report executive summary from the 2021 workshop to learn key takeaways and recommendations. Find session recordings and slides from the workshop below.

Keynote: Opening remarks

Dan Jernigan, MD, MPH
Acting Deputy Director for Public Health Science and Surveillance
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Sustainable and scalable public health infrastructure

Janet Hamilton, MPH
Executive Director
Council for State and Territorial Epidemiologists

Patrick O’Carroll, MD, MPH
Head of Health Systems Strengthening Sector
Task Force for Global Health

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Additional slides

Moving public health to the cloud

  • Jim Daniel, MPH Amazon Web Services
  • Mike Suralik, MCS HLN Consulting
  • John Satre, BS Iowa Department of Public Health

Clearing the reporting pipeline

  • Kelly White, MPH, CPH Indiana Department of Health
  • Samuel Steakley, BS Houston Health Department
  • Steve Eichner, MPA Texas Department of State Health Services

Standards and tools for consuming data

  • Samantha Spoto, MSPH, CPH Florida Department of Health
  • Shuennhau Chang, BSN, RN, MS Indiana Department of Health
  • Catherine Staes, PhD, MPH, RN, FAMIA, FACMI University of Utah

understanding the push and pull of standards 

Ryan Argentieri, MBA, MA
Deputy Director for the Office of Technology
Office of the National Coordinator

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Lura Daussat, MPH
Director, Practice Support Unit
Public Health Informatics Institute

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Additional slides

Machine learning to support the capture and use of data

  • Allison Culpepper, BS, Florida Department of Health
  • Rebecca Fisher, MPH MA Los Angeles County Health Department
  • Stacey Marovich, MHI, MS, PMP, MCTS CDC National Institute for Occupational Safety & Health

Leveraging public, private and nonprofit partnerships

  • Bryant Karras, MD Washington State Department of Health
  • Sarah Tuneberg, MPH US Exposure Notification Advocate at Google | Previously State of Colorado’s Lead for COVID-19 Testing, Containment, and Technology
  • Jenny Wanger, MBA Linux Foundation Public Health

Springboard: closing remarks 

Paula Yoon, ScD, MPH
Director, Division of Health Informatics and Surveillance
Centers for Disease Control and Prevention

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Denise Chrysler, JD
Director, Mid-States Region
Network for Public Health Law

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Additional Slides 

Strategic data partnerships

  • Sara Chronister, MPH Maricopa County Health Department
  • Billy Grow, BA & Broc Calvo, BA Turnkey Solutions
  • Rebecca Early, MPH Virginia Department of Health

A recipe for shared services: data lakes, MPI and governance

  • Cathy Wasserman, MPH PHD, Washington State Department of Health
  • Gary Archambault, MPH and Nancy Barrett, MS, MPH Connecticut Department of Public Health
  • Emily Krauss, MPH PHD Consultant, Public Health Informatics Institute