Vivian Singletary serves as director of the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII), a program of the Task Force for Global Health. In this role, Vivian guides PHII’s work to improve health outcomes worldwide by strengthening health practitioners’ abilities to use information effectively.

Vivian’s experience combines almost 20 years in systems development and public health. Earlier in her career, she served in leadership positions in supply chain management and information systems implementation for Home Depot and M&M before transitioning into public health. She was introduced to the Task Force for Global health in 2009 as the global supply chain manager for the International Trachoma Initiative. She oversaw the pharmaceutical supply chain of over $1 billion in Zithromax donations and built in-country capacity for over 15 African and Asian countries.

Vivian has played an integral role in developing PHII’s global portfolio. Her work for the institute began with improving, designing, analyzing business processes, and developing functional requirements for health insurance information systems. She established PHII’s Requirements Laboratory business unit in 2012, and as the unit’s director, Vivian played an essential part in managing informatics projects in both the U.S. and developing countries. Key projects include her leadership role in developing the African Workforce Planning project—a tool that helps allocate health care practitioners to areas of greatest need in Mozambique and Tanzania. Additionally, acting as director of informatics practice for the Child Health and Mortality Prevention Surveillance (CHAMPS) initiative addressing the causes of childhood mortality in developing countries.

Vivian holds a Master’s of Business administration degree from Kennesaw State University and a Juris Master’s degree from Emory University School of Law, with a focus on global health. She also holds a bachelor’s degree in industrial engineering from the Georgia Institute of Technology.