Georgia’s Own Credit Union recognizes PHII director with Atlanta digital signage

Georgia’s Own Credit Union honored PHII director Vivian Singletary as one of the women who have played an important role in striving to end the COVID-19 pandemic. To recognize her contributions, the credit union prominently displayed her picture at the top of Atlanta’s 100 Peachtree building for the entirety of Saturday, March 27, as part of International Women’s Month. In response to COVID-19 disease surveillance needs, Vivian led a national forum of experts in public health (e.g., state health officials) and private sector technology (e.g., Apple and Google) to produce key guidance that supports public health in deciding the appropriate technology that would enhance their traditional contact tracing tools. Now, public health authorities in more than 50 countries, states and regions have developed exposure notification apps to track and fight COVID-19.