PHII’s most popular eLearning course is returning in January 2023! Designing and Managing Public Health Information Systems: 8 Steps to Success walks through each phase of the information technology life cycle. In this interactive, eight-week experience, participants learn strategies from expert faculty for working with technical teams, how to communicate program needs and more! The course is equipped with live webinars, discussion boards and on-demand content, and is rooted in best practices of public health data modernization and informatics.

This course is designed for staff of state, tribal, local or territorial public health agencies who are planning or implementing an informatics or health IT project. Interested individuals can pre-register for the course below.

Enrollment in this course is free of charge to the participants and their agencies, thanks to generous funding provided by the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT (ONC). Please note that registering your interest in the course below does not guarantee a seat in the course. Placement in the course will be determined by eligibility under the ONC-provided funding. PHII will notify eligible pre-registrants by email and automatically enroll them in the course if they are determined to be eligible.

Eight weeks of informatics learning

Each week of the course will focus on a different key course topics. These topics will include:

  1. Core concepts of informatics
  2. Change management and project management
  3. The systems development lifecycle (SDLC) phase: requirements and planning
  4. SDLC phase: design and development
  5. SDLC phase: release
  6. SDLC phase: tracking and monitoring
  7. Review of core concepts and putting learning into practice
  8. Collaboration, faculty Q-and-A, and peer-to-peer learning