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Understanding Provider Concerns

September 24, 2015
Some health care organizations may have concerns about partnering as data suppliers due to associated costs for staff, vendor fees, etc. Understanding Provider Concerns helps planners adjust their procedures to accommodate such concerns.

Identifying Actors and Goals

September 24, 2015
This tool helps planners identify who are the actors, or primary stakeholders, in the surveillance program and what their roles and responsibilities are.

Defining System Roles and Responsibilities

September 24, 2015
Defining and assigning roles when planning for a surveillance system is essential to ensuring team members are clear on expectations.

Defining Data Elements

September 24, 2015
Determining what data are required is an essential step in developing an EHR-based surveillance system. This tool helps users decide what data are needed to meet goals, what standards to use to encode the data and who collects and enters the data.

Understanding Clinical Data and Workflows

September 24, 2015
Before the data reach your office, it is important to understand the data from the perspective of their native health care and EHR environments. Because the way that agencies send, receive and manage data has changed, this tool provides questions necessary to answer before implementing a...

Understanding Surveillance Data Exchange Processes

September 24, 2015
This tool explains the surveillance data exchange process by providing critical planning questions relevant to push and pull reporting.

Defining and Validating System Requirements

September 24, 2015
Defining requirements--what your system needs to do to support your work--is key in developing or enhancing an EHR-based surveillance system. This guide and worksheet shares advice on how to create concrete system requirements.

Distinguishing Privacy, Confidentiality, and Security

September 28, 2015
Confidentiality, privacy and security are all important topics to pay attention to when implementing an EHR-based surveillance program. This resource describes these terms’ legal and ethical meanings and how one impacts the other.

Distinguishing Surveillance from Research

September 28, 2015
Is your program surveillance or research? See how these terms are defined and what the requirements and procedures for each could mean for your surveillance program.

Data Governance and Data Sharing Agreements

September 28, 2015
This resource summarizes information found in the article, “Data Governance and Data Sharing Agreements for Community-Wide Health Information Exchange: Lessons from the Beacon Communities.” It provides direction on dealing with data governance issues.