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We encourage leaders, practitioners, policy makers, funders and others interested in the advancement of public health practice to use the many valuable resources on this site. PHII resources may be freely used and distributed with citation.

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Leveraging Immunization Data in the eHealth Era

October 5, 2010
This paper addresses the impact that the growth of health information exchanges (HIE)s might have on Immunization Information Systems (IIS)s. It explores how HIEs and IISs could work together to add value to each other.

Common Requirements for Logistics Management Information Systems

September 30, 2010
This project addressed two main objectives; (1) develop a general methodology for determining and documenting health information system user requirements (CRDM) and (2) apply this methodology to produce requirements in supply chain as one of the core functional domains of a national health system....

Finding Common Ground: Collaborative Requirements Development for Public Health Information Systems

June 30, 2010
This document presents an overview of the Common Ground initiative and the Collaborative Requirements Development Methodology. Through the Common Ground initiative, PHII led the collaborative development of requirements for information systems that would improve public health preparedness and...

Newborn Screening as a System from Birth Through Lifelong Care

July 16, 2009
The authors provide objective, but positive perspective on the paper "Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening: Mapping the Clinical and Public Health Components and Activities" (Hinman, Mann, Singh).

Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening: Mapping the Clinical and Public Health Components and Activities

July 16, 2009
The components and activities of the entire Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening (NDBS) process, highlighting long-term follow-up--both clinical and public health--as a basis for defining requirements for information systems are described in the context of the output of the NDBS Workgroup, convened in...

Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening Business Process Analysis; Report of the NDBS Workgroup

July 16, 2009
This report describes the Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening (NDBS) Business Process Analysis in the context of the output of NDBS Workgroup, convened in 2008 by PHII under the aegis of the Maternal and Child Health Bureau, Health Resources and Services Administration and the Southeastern Newborn...

Improving Population Health: The Public Health Factor

July 1, 2009
This policy brief outlines five opportunities for health transformation driven by the collaboration inherent in HIEs. These opportunities are based on real-world examples of critical benefits that accrue—facilitating improved individual and community health care—when public health is an active...

Newborn Dried Bloodspot Screening Business Process Analysis

January 2, 2008
PHII convened a workgroup in February and March 2008 to carry out the business process analysis (BPA) of NDBS from birth through long-term follow-up.

Taking Care of Business (Second Edition)

January 1, 2008
This report describes the project undertaken October 2005 - March 2006 by the National Association of County and City Health Officials (NACCHO) and PHII to define the business processes -- the sets of related tasks designed to produce a specific programmatic (business) result -- that cut across all...

The Unique Records Portfolio: A guide to resolving duplicate records in health information systems

January 2, 2006
The concepts, examples, and tools in The Unique Records Portfolio are intended to help public health agencies and health care organizations address deduplication challenges, specifically articulating the challenges and solutions to developing deduplication strategies, and describing the...