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Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model

October 19, 2016
Workforce development

The Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model was developed by the Informatics Academy at the Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII). It frames the knowledge, skills, and abilities that public health practitioners need to address the informatics challenges at their agencies. The target audience for this competency model is the general public health workforce across core functions of public health (e.g., epidemiology, biostatistics, behavioral health, environmental health). The framework encompasses informatics–related responsibilities across a health department, and it is not meant to be specific to informaticians or other staff whose primary responsibilities fall under informatics.

The Informatics Academy drew on various inputs to develop this applied informatics competency model. We synthesized existing competencies, specifically the “Informatics Competencies for Public Health Professionals” developed in 2002 and the “Competencies for Public Health Informaticians” developed in 2009. We then shared the model with internal subject matter experts for their feedback on which competencies were priorities for public health practitioners working in local and state public health agencies.

The resulting Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model is a working framework to guide the Informatics Academy in identifying and creating informatics trainings to support in the public health workforce. As the 2002 and 2009 informatics competencies were the result of working groups with cross-agency representation and buy-in, PHII recommends that a new group be convened with representatives from state and local agencies, as well as other partners, to review, revise and update the exhaustive public health informatics competencies. This Applied Public Health Informatics Competency Model may serve as a framework for future updates and revisions.

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