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Immunization Information Systems Joint Development

August 25, 2014
Information systems development

In the face of growing programmatic responsibilities and budgetary pressures, the immunization information systems (IIS) community is looking for new ways to cost-effectively improve system functionality. By engaging in joint development—i.e., collaborative efforts that result in a shared solution or other resource—the IIS community can collectively develop common solutions to common problems.  CDC’s IIS strategic plan places a heavy emphasis on the development, use and certification of such shared services.

This report seeks to provide a roadmap for standardizing methods, harmonizing best practices and reducing costs using strategies that allow all stakeholders to benefit from the collective wisdom of IIS community. The report offers a basic overview of joint development in three sections:

  • Summary of system-level changes needed to create a culture of joint development
  • Guidance for approaching a joint development plan and executing projects effectively
  • Guidelines on selecting joint development projects (derived during a face-to-face meeting hosted by PHII)

Though this report focuses specifically on joint development in relation to IIS, the concepts and best practices laid out in the report could easily be applied to other public health program areas.

Citation Information: 
The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Immunization Information Systems Joint Development." (accessed 11/16/2020).