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Developing Nationwide Consensus on Bidirectional Query Immunization Information Exchange

August 1, 2013
Planning and development
Standards adoption
The Immunization Information System (IIS) community is at the forefront of public health-healthcare integration through bidirectional information exchange.  The purpose of this project was to establish consensus within the IIS community on a single approach to bidirectional query exchange, in time for Stage 3 Meaningful Use regulations. 
The Public Health Informatics Institute worked with its partners to collaboratively identify, define and document a standardized use case for bidirectional query immunization information exchange. Having such consensus recommendations helps to avoid the unnecessary and costly duplication of human and financial resources that would occur if each IIS program created its own approach. Partners in the project included the HRSA Maternal and Child Health Bureau, the American Immunization Registry Association, the Office of the National Coordinator for Health IT, and the IIS Support Branch at CDC on this project. The work group consisted of IIS managers, and both IIS and EHR vendors.
The report contains the consensus views of the workgroup members in four areas:
1. Adoption of Standards: Consistent use of nationally accepted vocabulary and messaging standards, by both IIS and EHR systems.
2. Transport & Security: Practices and standards around secure interoperability between IIS and EHR systems. 
3. Patient Identification: Processes used to allow EHR systems to identify the right patient in the IIS.
4. Query for IIS Record: Standards and format of the patient vaccination record returned by the IIS to the EHR.
Citation Information: 
The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Developing Nationwide Consensus on Bidirectional Query Immunization Information Exchange ." (accessed 11/16/2020).