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Requirements for SNS Inventory Tracking and Management

Public Health Informatics Institute
December 1, 2010
Planning and development
Methods and tools

PHII developed requirements for tracking inventory of medical and non-medical countermeasures during an event for the Strategic National Stockpile (SNS). This document provides requirements collaboratively developed by members of the PHII, CDC, and state and local public health agencies, to inform further development of an inventory tracking and management system to be used by SNS, state and local public health agencies, and other CDC preparedness programs. 

This document is designed to be both a roadmap and a tool. It serves as a roadmap for helping CDC move toward the vision expressed in this document. At the same time, it is a tool for structuring specific implementation projects and the basis for the creation of comprehensive vendor requests for proposals (RFPs). It provides a high level description of the business processes and a description of functional requirements for inventory tracking and management that can serve as input for creating technical information system specifications.

Citation Information: 
The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Requirements for SNS Inventory Tracking and Management." (accessed 11/16/2020).