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Defining Functional Requirements for Immunization Information Systems

This resource is a part of the IIS Migration Toolkit

Public Health Informatics Institute (PHII)
September 3, 2012
Planning and development
Methods and tools
Information systems development

This project focused on collaboratively identifying and fully documenting the business processes and information system requirements for Immunization Information Systems (IIS), arguably the most sophisticated and complex information systems in public health. This collaboration of local and state IIS managers, the American Immunization Registry Association, and the CDC IIS Support Branch has developed a set of system requirements that reflect best practices for IIS functionality, which over time should help to standardize and enhance IIS functionality and interoperability, including with Health Information Exchanges (HIE).  The urgent need for this project arose from the accelerated adoption of interoperable health information technology; the emergence of HIEs; the number of states migrating to new IIS applications; and the overall need to better integrate maternal and child health information systems.

This document contains the products of the three workgroup sessions that were held to collaboratively and rigorously define the full range of important IIS functions. This detailed documentation for seventeen such business processes is intended to establish best practice for how an IIS should function in an increasingly eHealth world. The IIS experts who participated in this effort represent local, state and federal level health agencies. This publication contains the work products developed by the workgroup. First, an overall framework for the IIS business processes is provided. Then, each individual business process is defined with a business process matrix, a task flow diagram, and a requirements document.

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The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Defining Functional Requirements for Immunization Information Systems." (accessed 11/16/2020).