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Leveraging Immunization Data in the eHealth Era

Grannis, Shaun, MD, MS, FAAP
Dixon, Brian, MPA
Brand, Bill, MPH, CPIHE
October 5, 2010
Information systems development

The significant financial investments in health information technology authorized by the HITECH Act are intended to stimulate a marked increase in the use of interoperable electronic health record systems and in the formation of Health Information Exchange entities (HIEs). HIEs are steadily emerging across the country and are expected to grow with the recent appropriation of HITECH funding, especially through the State HIE Cooperative Agreement program.

At the same time, Immunization Information Systems (IISs) exist today as fairly mature systems in most states. This paper addresses the impact that the growth of HIEs might have on IISs. Specifically, it explores how HIEs and IISs could work together to add value to each other, to build on one another´s strengths, and to better and more cost-effectively achieve their overall—and largely shared—missions.

Citation Information: 
The Public Health Informatics Institute. "Leveraging Immunization Data in the eHealth Era." (accessed 11/16/2020).