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August 17, 2015

PHII welcomes new Senior Training Consultant

“Training allows me to inspire people to learn and improve themselves.” Kristopher Hall is eager to do just that in his new position as PHII’s Senior Training Consultant on the Informatics Academy team. His role will focus on developing organizational initiatives through instructional design.

With a school administrator as his mother, Kristopher has been surrounded by education his entire life. He had always enjoyed reading and writing since he was a child but didn’t want to follow his mother’s footsteps as an instructor. However, once he began studying secondary education and English literature as a student at Berry College, he discovered his comfort and enjoyment in helping others learn. He earned his Bachelor of Arts degree and began a career moving people to become excited about learning.

Kristopher’s training experience spans over 13 years domestically and internationally. He spent time as a corporate communications officer for Siam Commercial Bank writing and editing documents, preparing speeches and leading seminars on staff development. After becoming tasked with developing the company’s training programs, a board member noticed and valued his work and invited him to create and direct the curriculum design at another institution for which he also served on the board. Kristopher went on to spend six years as the instructional design lead at Bangkok Christian College, Thailand’s oldest and most prestigious private school. There, he structured the international program, developed learning solutions, implemented instructional standards and managed the school’s website.

“Spending time training abroad taught me that people’s learning styles and expectations are different, so I can’t always teach the way I want or the way I’ve been taught. Sometimes you have to rethink your strategies for engagement and presentation to reach your goals,” Kristopher says.

Kristopher doesn’t only enjoy teaching those who are eager to learn: he also enjoys the challenge of counseling those who don’t have the same passion for education. As an administrative counselor for the New Foundations Home for Children, Kristopher found joy in redirecting the paths of troubled youth by helping them realize they were capable of learning and doing something productive. He’s excited to inspire public health professionals to learn about informatics in the same way. It’s like a puzzle, he says: find what pieces of information they’re missing and figure out a way to connect them.

“If I can just get people focused on learning and enjoying some part of education, a lot of the rest of their problems would fix themselves,” he says.

Kristopher’s professional work and leisure activities are connected. He revels in developing materials people can learn from so much, he has turned it into his hobby. On weekends, he visits different temples to study religious iconography and Buddhist philosophy. He conducts interviews and research to produce resources and catalogs in English so others can learn more about the subject.

“I like making a positive impact on people’s lives in everything that I do. There’s nothing better.”