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May 22, 2014

PHII names a new Director of the Informatics Academy

Sarah brings to PHII a range of expertise in instructional design and e-learning, as well as a long and illustrious career in workforce development, most recently at the helm of her own consulting firm, meLearning Solutions. Her firm specialized in learning strategy, e-learning and mobile learning, and its clients included powerhouses like General Electric and Cox Communications. Sarah has several publications to her name, as well as leadership positions within professional organizations like the Association for Talent Development and mLearning Circle.

She brings to her new role a valuable perspective—one with strong roots in business. Her MBA makes her an unusual figure in a professional space dominated by those who hold degrees in education. “Everything I do from a training perspective ties into business results,” says Sarah.

However, she is thrilled to be making the leap from the business world to the nonprofit sector; she made this change out of the desire to pursue work with a purpose. “I can use my skills, experience and training to work on something that matters and is relevant to all of us,” she says. “Public health is a field that impacts every single person on the face of the planet.”

As Director of the Informatics Academy, Sarah will develop long-term strategies, manage curriculum development and lead the Informatics Academy team. Sarah sums up her vision for the Academy as a three-pronged approach. First, she plans to make the Academy’s work scalable; second, she wants to develop an increasingly flexible, accessible format for courses; and, third, she hopes to establish the Academy as a go-to hub for those wishing to learn more about the field of informatics. “We want to accommodate the needs of our users,” says Sarah, “mainly by creating resources that are meaningful and realistic with strong roots in practical application rather than just theory.”

Sarah’s passion for professional growth stems from her own drive to always learn more, as well as her personal distaste for stagnation. She finds ways to evolve in her own work daily, taking inspiration from a quote attributed to the founders of LinkedIn: “20 years of experience is not the same as one year of experience repeated 20 times over.” She strongly believes in identifying and bridging her own skills gaps constantly—and where there are none, she’ll find a way to forge into unknown territory all the same.

When she’s not challenging herself at work, Sarah also finds ways to challenge herself in her hobbies. The weekend after she began work at PHII, she travelled to Knoxville, Tennessee, where she competed in a grueling Olympic-distance triathlon.

She placed in the top three.

Learn more about the Informatics Academy.

Piper Hale, MPH

Assistant Director of Communications