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Tool downloads 

This secondary set of interactive, editable tools is intended to serve as a supplement to help you draft more specialized project artifacts. Each tool includes a description, detailed instructions and helpful hints to help you get started. These editable resources are provided as a starting point to be leveraged and modified as needed to suit your needs.

Map out and secure staffing commitments 

Resource forecasting can be used to list anticipated project resource (staffing) needs and to track confirmation of these allocations for the required duration during a project. This template is used to map out and secure project resource (staffing) commitments.

Resource Forecast Template

Assess current and planned staff capacity

The staff allocation matrix assesses current and planned staff allocations and capacity. This tool is designed to help managers answer the question, “How does my staff spend their time on a periodic basis (e.g. weekly, monthly, quarterly, etc.)?”

Staff Allocation Matrix

Identify staffing responsibilities for key IIS roles

The staff roles matrix can be used to help identify staffing responsibilities for key IIS roles and responsibilities. It can be used during a large-scale project, such as an IIS platform migration, to assess staffing needs before, during, and after a migration as needed for covering different role and responsibility changes.

IIS Staff Roles Matrix Template

Visualize coverage for key IIS roles

The sample staffing model is a tool to help visualize coverage for key IIS roles and identify potential gaps in coverage.

Sample IIS Staffing Model

Key questions and considerations throughout the data migration process

This sample process flow diagram depicts key steps in preparing for and executing the migration of data from one system to another, in this case from one IIS to another as part of an IIS platform migration.

Sample Data Migration Process

Develop a robust training plan approach and strategy

Use this tool to map out a high-level training approach, training strategies and key inputs to a training plan.

Training Approach Workbook

Design action-oriented training to support goals

“Action mapping” is a technique to ensure that learning resources serve the needs of the targeted training audience. This worksheet can assist in mapping out potential training topics and objectives.

Training Action Mapping Worksheet

Assess the quality of data elements and identify opportunities for improvement

This worksheet lists core IIS data elements for consideration in an IIS platform migration. The worksheet provides an opportunity to review the current state of the data element and consider how the quality of the data element can be improved pre-migration, during migration and post-migration.

IIS Data Elements Assessment Worksheet