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What is Growthviz?

Growthviz is a tool that allows post-processing and data visualization of growthcleanr outputs. Growthviz includes a graphical user interface (GUI) as well as interactive software to explore data after running Growthcleanr.

Why use Growthviz?

To visually show the data outputs from growthcleanr. Growthviz is used after Growthcleanr to conduct post-processing and data visualization of the Growthcleanr output.

Who should use Growthviz?

Anyone who wants to visualize height and weight data from EHRs including clinical researchers, data scientists, epidemiologists and data analysts

How to use GrowthViz

Details on how to get started and advanced topics can be found on the Growthviz github page.
Growthviz Code – Growthviz is a Jupyter notebook, a web-based interactive computing platform that combines code and visualizations, to explore the data resulting from Growthcleanr. It includes two different software languages, Python and uses NumPy and Pandas for data analysis. The visualization in the tool is from Matplotlib and Seaborn.

User Video

User videos will be developed in the coming months by MITRE. This video will show a live demonstration with a subject matter expert voice overlay. (Recommendation to have them stored on a YouTube or Vimeo channel and then embedded on this page.)
Presentation: The user presentation will be developed in the coming project year. This will be a PDF or PowerPoint file type that provides the same information the User Video provides.