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Informatics-savvy Health Department Toolkit

A toolkit for strengthening agencies' informatics capacity

This toolkit walks agencies through the process of assessing their own informatics readiness and current state and then using that assessment to inform strengthening and strategic activities – allowing them to scale up informatics capacity to meet the evolving needs of the modern public health landscape.

Begin here to learn more about how the toolkit is structured and how best to navigate it.

Use these academic journal articles to assist you in making the case to agency leadership that an informatics self-assessment is worth the required resources, and that strengthening your agency's informatics capacity is not merely worthwhile, but crucial.

Begin with these planning resources to orient yourself to the self-assessment process and begin to strategize on how you will facilitate the self-assessment process at your agency.

Use the interactive tools included here to conduct the self-assessment activities at your agency. 

Now that your self-assessment activities are complete, refer to these guidance documents to use the findings from your assessment to inform ongoing informatics capacity-building strategies.

These toolkits, trainings and other resources may be helpful to supplement the materials in the toolkit.